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Has your car stopped working in the middle of the road? This can happen to anyone. However, not everyone can provide you with an efficient towing service like ours. One that will save you time and money. When a thing like that happens people panic and do not think Our focus is to provide our customers with the highest quality towing services.straight. If you are in the middle of the road the best thing you can do is to step out of it and contact our professionals. Our phone number is at the bottom of this web page. We will take care of everything that relates to a towing and wrecker service. Our staff are available 24/7 for emergency services, seven days in the week. Just call us and we will come, fully equipped and ready to help you, as soon as it is possible. We offer the most modern auto wrecker service in town.

Oct 12, 2012 by Paul Hapner

A very special thanks to Performance Towing and their, who provided me with an exceptional towing service. Performance Towing has been a breeze to work with. They have delivered on all aspects. They confirm all the customer information. Thank you Performance Towing!
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Performance Towing
6331 Main Ave Orangevale, CA 95662
(916) 988-8209

Performance Towing provide auto towing to residents of Orangevale CA and the surrounding areas. Our company takes responsibility for everything. The team we have gathered throughout the years, is reliable and Our purpose is to provide a variety of high level towing services.experienced. They are always correct in performing their duties. We are respected and trusted by our customers for offering the services people need at the right time.

Our towing is performed by the most modern towing vehicles, made specially for this purpose. We can successfully tow cars, motors, mowing machines, etc. Choose our auto towing for your own convenience.

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Our company provide wide range of towing services.A towing service is good if it is quick. Our professionals are rapid and responsible. Our towing trucks are ready to be ridden at any time, in cases of emergency. The vehicles we have are reliable and modern. They are adapted to today standards for achieving the best towing. Being number one in reliability has always been our first priority. Secondly, we always take care of the cars after towing them. Our wrecker service is the most professional in the whole area of Orangevale CA. Cars are towed to the auto wrecker and then we decide which parts of the car can be reused again.

Just call Performance Towing on (916) 988-8209 and your car problem will be solved immediately.


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